49 Days TV Series Photo Comics Book vol.1+2 (End)

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Product Information
Director:Jo Young-Gwang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Jun 09, 2011
Publisher:Musin Tree
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Safe Box
Author: So Hyun-Kyung, Moon In-Ho

Product Details
Book 1
Pages: 292
Size: 257*188mm (B5)
ISBN: 9788994015248

Book 2
Size: 257*188mm (B5)
ISBN: 9788994015231
About 49 Days TV Series
Broadcast: March 16, 2011 ~ May 19, 2011
Episodes: 20

"PERFECT ... The most satisfying ending Ií»ve seen in a long time." - Dramabeans

A soul-searching story that touches and surprises at every turn, the Korean TV drama series 49 Days follows a young woman's amazing journey between life and death – with some help from a motorcycle-riding Grim Reaper.

Right before her wedding, Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri) gets injured and falls into a coma. The Grim Reaper (Jung Il-Woo), or í░Schedulerí▒ as he likes to call himself, gives her a chance to return to life. Borrowing the body of Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-Won), she has 49 days to collect genuine teardrops from three people who truly love her. This should be a piece of cake since everyone loves Ji-hyun – or so she thought.

As the days tick down, Ji-hyun learns that the people around her are not as they seem. Her interim life as Yi-kyung gets even more complicated when her friend Gang (Jo Hyun-Jae, Love Letter) and cheating fiance Min-ho (Bae Soo-Bin, Brilliant Legacy) both fall in love with her.